Spaghetti Dinner Information

Our annual Spaghetti Dinner is Friday, April 11, 2014. We are very excited about the return of a great FJH tradition! This performance involves all of our students, 6th-8th grades. Times for warm-up and performance are as follows:

Class                         Warm –Up     Performance

Concert Band             5:40                6:00

Double Reeds            6:00                 6:10

Low Brass                 6:10                  6:20

Trumpet                    6:20                  6:30

Honors Band            6:30                  6:50

Saxophone              7:00                  7:10

French Horn            7:10                  7:20

Clarinet                   7:20                  7:30

Flute                        7:30                 7:40

Percussion              7:40                 7:50

Symphonic Band     7:50                8:10

7th and 8th grade bands are listed by band names, and sixth grade classes are listed by instrument. Attire is the casual uniform: 2013-14 band T-shirt (tucked in), jeans, a belt and tennis shoes.

Several emails have been sent about volunteer opportunities and items to bring, so if you have not been receiving those, please update your email address on CHARMS. All students are asked to bring a dessert to the event (not to school during the day, as we have no storage).

As always, if there are questions, feel free to ask a director.


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